If you’re looking for a skincare treatment that doesn’t require significant downtime or discomfort but will deliver anti-aging benefits like wrinkle reduction, tighten your skin, and improve your skin texture, Morpheus8 RF microneedling is the perfect solution. At Eternal Beauty Skin Care Clinic in North York, ON, we offer this anti-aging and skin tightening treatment to meet the needs of anyone who wants to achieve tighter, smoother, and younger skin through a natural treatment process.

What Is Morpheus8 RF Microneedling?

Morpheus8 is a radiofrequency microneedling device that combines the properties and benefits of a standard microneedling treatment with radiofrequency technology. The device’s hair-thin microneedles create tiny injuries on the skin’s surface, forcing the body to respond with a healing reaction that results in tighter skin, increased collagen and elastin production, and visible wrinkle reduction.

As the microneedles penetrate the skin, the device simultaneously delivers controlled amounts of radiofrequency energy into the dermal tissue to heat the area, causing the existing collagen to contract while also stimulating new collagen and elastin growth.

What Are the Benefits?

Patients who begin a customized Morpheus8 RF microneedling treatment plan will experience the anti-aging benefits that have made this treatment so popular. After a treatment, patients will experience:

  • Smoother skin texture
  • Smaller pores
  • A visible reduction in acne scars and marks
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Firmer, tighter, and lifted skin
  • A snatched jawline
  • More sculpted cheekbones

What Does It Treat?

Morpheus8 is a versatile anti-aging treatment and at Eternal Beauty Skin Care Clinic, we use this device to treat the most common and visible cosmetic aging-related imperfections and skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, skin laxity, acne scars, uneven skin texture or tone, and even hyperpigmentation.

We administer Morpheus8 RF microneedling treatments to address loose skin, lines and wrinkles, and other skin imperfections on the face and neck, but we also use the device to treat small pockets of fat on the body and will customize the right treatment plan based on your needs and treatment goals.

How Does It Work?

We adjust this device to the appropriate needle depth during treatments to target specific face, neck, and body areas. We also adjust the radiofrequency energy output based on each patient’s needs and treatment goals. We use a one to three-mm depth when treating the face and neck and a four-mm depth to treat small pockets of fat on the body.

The microneedles and radiofrequency energy will stimulate natural collagen and elastin production to naturally smooth lines and wrinkles, tighten the skin, and improve skin tone and texture. The treatment also accelerates skin cell regeneration because your body will replace dead or damaged skin cells in the treatment area with healthier and younger ones.

What To Expect From the Treatment Process

After you undergo a consultation to confirm that Morpheus8 is the right treatment for you, we will provide you with a complete list of preparatory directives to follow two weeks before your appointment, so your skin is ready for treatment. Typically, patients must avoid sun exposure, take steps to ensure adequate skin hydration, and temporarily refrain from using certain topical products to prevent skin sensitivity.

Your Appointment

When you arrive for your appointment, we’ll apply a topical numbing cream to the skin to promote optimal comfort throughout the treatment. Then, we’ll use the Morpheus8 device and its ultra-thin needles that emit radiofrequency energy to stamp the skin, creating thousands of tiny controlled micro-injuries across the skin’s surface.

The body will respond to this treatment process by increasing production of collagen and elastin: the key proteins responsible for smooth, tight, and firm skin. A typical treatment takes approximately 90 minutes, including the check-in process, completing the necessary paperwork, applying the numbing cream, and the treatment process itself.

Aftercare Instructions

As soon as you check out, we’ll send you an aftercare instructional guide to follow to ensure proper healing and the best results. Typically, patients must continue avoiding certain topical products to prevent skin irritation or inflammation, avoid sun exposure, and temporarily refrain from certain activities that could delay or interfere with the healing process.

If you have any questions about caring for your skin after your treatment, we will be available to answer them so you feel confident about the aftercare and your treatment results.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Patients will benefit from a single Morpheus8 RF microneedling treatment, but the best results are visible after completing a series of sessions. We will recommend the right number of sessions once we meet with you during your initial consultation, evaluate your skin in person, and learn more about your treatment goals.

When Will I See the Results?

You may notice some immediate results in the days following your first session. The device often has an immediate skin tightening effect, causing existing collagen to contract. However, the best results are visible within the first three months of treatment since the body may take up to 12 weeks to produce more collagen.

Am I a Good Candidate for This Anti-Aging Treatment?

The best candidates for this skin tightening treatment are patients who have noticed signs of aging or who have mild to moderate skin imperfections that detract from their overall appearance. Patients who don’t want to commit to invasive or surgical procedures make good candidates for Morpheus8 as the device initiates a healing reaction within the body to naturally improve the skin without chemicals, incisions, or significant downtime and discomfort.

Candidates should have healthy skin free of any skin infections or active acne in the planned treatment area and have realistic expectations about the treatment and their results.

Experience the Benefits of a Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction Microneedling Treatment

You don’t have to resort to invasive skincare procedures to achieve younger, healthier-looking skin. With a customized Morpheus8 RF microneedling treatment plan, you’ll notice smoother, brighter, and healthier skin after just one treatment and even better results after completing the recommended number of sessions. With maintenance sessions, you can maintain your youthful skin and naturally delay the aging process for the long term.

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