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Fat loss requires regular exercise and a healthy diet, but even still, there are those pockets of fat that remain unresponsive to your best attempts at getting rid of them. At Eternal Beauty Skin Care Clinic, we can help you transform your body and eliminate stubborn fat with a non-invasive body contouring treatment called SculpSure®. This treatment uses targeted laser heat energy to redefine and contour your body without surgery or downtime, and we offer it to all of our patients in North York and Toronto, ON.

What Is Body Contouring? 

Non-surgical body contouring is a treatment process that relies on an energy-based device to improve body composition without using surgical techniques. While there are different body contouring methods, we prefer SculpSure for its precise treatments, limited downtime, and superior results. It focuses on targeting the stubborn fat that is most resistant to diet and exercise, eliminating it and improving your body composition.

What Areas Can Body Contouring Treat? 

  • Abdomen: Body sculpting techniques can target the abdomen, helping to reduce excess fat and tighten the skin. This is a common concern for both men and women who are genetically predisposed to collecting fat in this area. 
  • Love Handles (Flanks): Body contouring is effective at addressing the love handles, smoothing out this area for a slimmer waistline and a more defined silhouette.
  • Backs of the Legs: With non-surgical body contouring, the backs of the legs can be sculpted and contoured, reducing the appearance of cellulite and enhancing shape and tone.
  • Bra Line: This area can be refined and smoothed out, reducing the appearance of bulges that are visible above and below the bra line, for a more seamless and comfortable fit.
  • Inner Thighs: Body sculpting can effectively target the inner thighs, reducing friction and providing a slimmer, more proportionate leg contour. This treatment is popular for those looking to achieve a gap between the thighs or improve comfort.

SculpSure: Our Body Contouring Device

SculpSure is a type of body contouring that uses laser energy to target fat cells below the skin’s surface without harming the surrounding tissue. The heat energy increases the temperature of the adipose tissue, damaging those fat cells. The body then views these damaged fat cells as waste and eliminates them through the lymphatic system. Once they’re gone, they can’t grow back, and you’ll enjoy permanent fat loss.

What Are the Benefits of Body Contouring? 

Customizable Treatment Plans

Every individual’s body is unique, which is why customizable treatment plans are an important part of what we do with our body contouring services. Each personalized plan allows our patients to get the results they want for the areas that they are concerned about.

FDA-Approved for Fat Reduction

FDA approval means the treatment has been extensively reviewed and meets certain criteria. Non-invasive body contouring with SculpSure has been FDA-approved for fat reduction. This approval can give patients an added layer of security as they choose this treatment. 

Comfortable, Pain-Free Treatments

Advancements in technology mean that non-invasive body contouring treatments are comfortable and pain-free. This comfort level makes the treatment experience pleasant and stress-free for patients, without the need for anesthesia or sedatives.

Gradual, Authentic-Looking Results

Non-surgical body contouring provides results that appear gradually, mimicking the natural loss of fat in the body. This gradual change results in more authentic-looking outcomes, aligning with the natural contours and shape of your body.

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Contouring

What Can I Expect From My Body Contouring Treatment?

At your treatment, we’ll situate you on a treatment bench and then mark your desired treatment areas. This process allows the technician to determine the correct treatment frame into which the applicators will be fitted during treatment. Once we attach the treatment frame with a belt, we’ll place the SculpSure applicators into the frame to target your desired treatment area.


When the treatment starts, you’ll feel a cooling sensation. The device features a built-in cooling mechanism that maintains a comfortable skin temperature throughout the treatment. The laser energy will intermittently target the fat cells below the skin, and as it does, you’ll feel a warming or tingling sensation, but you won’t experience any discomfort. Once it’s over, we’ll remove the applicators and the frame, and then you can resume your normal daily activities.

What Body Contouring Results Can I Expect? 

This device can destroy up to 24% of the fat cells in the treatment area. Patients can expect results within the first six weeks of beginning treatments. The best results appear 12 weeks post-treatment as the body flushes the destroyed fat cells from the system.

How Many Areas Can I Treat During One Body Contouring Session? 

We can design a treatment plan that targets one or multiple areas. During your consultation, we can discuss your primary problem areas and then design a treatment plan to address each so you can achieve your desired result as quickly as possible.

How Can I Make My Body Contouring Results Come Faster? 

You can’t force the body to eliminate the damaged fat cells any faster, but you can take steps to encourage this process. Your body will utilize your lymphatic system to flush out the fat cells. By supporting your lymphatic system, you can make sure your body efficiently completes the process that the SculpSure device begins.

The best ways to support your lymphatic system include drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet. By avoiding processed foods and chemicals, you can help your lymphatic system to devote energy to flushing those damaged fat cells from your system so you can enjoy your results as quickly as possible.

How Long Will My Body Contouring Results Last? 

This device breaks down and destroys fat cells. Once the body flushes them out of the system, these fat cells can’t come back. However, the remaining fat cells in your treatment area may expand if you gain weight after your treatment.

To maintain your results long-term, it’s important that you live a healthy lifestyle, get enough exercise throughout the week, and consume healthy, clean foods. You can also schedule maintenance sessions to address additional fat cells in your treatment area or target other areas.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Body Contouring? 

This body contouring treatment is designed for patients with problem areas, specifically stubborn fat, that don’t respond to diet or exercise. It’s not a weight loss treatment, nor can it help obese patients lose body fat. Instead, it’s intended to fine-tune the body and target the areas that remain unresponsive to a healthy lifestyle so patients can achieve real, natural-looking results.

If you’re unsure whether this treatment is right for you, we can schedule an initial consultation to give you more details. We can evaluate your problem areas in person, ask you questions about your medical history and treatment goals, and confirm whether this body contouring treatment is right for you. Then, you can move forward and schedule your appointment to get one step closer to a tighter and more contoured physique.

Experience the Benefits of Permanent, Non-Surgical Fat Reduction in North York & Toronto, ON

If stubborn fat has been keeping you from looking and feeling your best, and no amount of exercise or even the cleanest diet can help you reach your goals, we have a treatment at Eternal Beauty Skin Care Clinic that will. If you want to learn more about the benefits of SculpSure and how it can target and eliminate that stubborn fat without downtime, discomfort, or invasive techniques, we can schedule your consultation so you can get one step closer to a contoured body. To schedule body contouring in North York and Toronto, ON, call us at (416) 546-7700 or contact us online

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